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Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a wedding photographer from Derbyshire but currently living in London. Which means I get the benefits of living in the world's most exciting city and having a base close to the beauty of the Peak District. It also makes covering weddings across England and Wales a piece of cake!

“Chris, they are perfect! Thank you so much!! As for crying, yes, I did.... Again! They help make memories we will never forget!”

Jill & Andy

You'll notice that there's a very natural feel to the images here. This has a lot to do with my approach to photographing weddings. You might hear labels such as 'reportage' or 'documentary wedding photography' thrown about the place quite often. Although as long as you like what you see here, that's what counts, right?

At your wedding, I'm unobtrusive, but not invisible. I won't just skirt around the edges of your wedding. I'll be in amongst your guests, making sure those memories are caught, and creating real 'I was there' images. 

My style of photography is one that uses available light to capture the natural and genuine moments that unfold throughout your wedding day. These moments will all fit together to tell the perfect story of one of the best days of your lives.

Anyway, enjoy having a look around, and feel free to get in touch for a chat about your wedding.

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