Charlotte & Chris

bride waiting to go into church

A Rustic Themed Barn Wedding

As 2015 draws to a close, the weddings I have left to blog become fewer. With just three left to put up, it’ll soon be time to put my cameras to bed for a while before getting the 2016 diary out and starting to look forward to next year’s weddings.

This was the last wedding of the year that I shot with a good friend of mine, Mr Andy Pickard (of Peacock Obscura Photography). As full-time wedding photographers we have a number of weddings each year where two photographers are requested, and as we’ve been friends for a number of years now, it’s always a lot of fun when these weddings come about.

These photos are from Charlotte and Chris’s wedding at a barn in the Midlands; a relatively new wedding venue that has been created specifically for hosting weddings. It’s a great venue and we both love shooting there. So much natural light pouring in everywhere! A photographer’s dream!

I started the day with Chris and his groomsmen at the Blue Lion pub in Witherley, just across the road from St. Peter’s church where the wedding was to take place. The pub had a few hotel rooms where Chris and his entourage were staying. I’m not entirely convinced staying in a pub the night before your wedding is the best of ideas, though!

After the ceremony it was a short drive over to the barn for the wedding breakfast and reception. The guests were greeted in the lobby by a Pimms table, a sweetie table, a popcorn machine as well as being serenaded by a bearded chap playing guitar. Plenty to keep them occupied until food was served.

Straight after the wedding breakfast, Chris lead Charlotte out to the reception room where there were a couple of surprises waiting. Firstly a giant ‘LOVE’ sign that he’d put together for her, and nestled on top of it, a fancy new bag. We then took a few minutes for some portraits of the newlyweds before rejoining the guests.

As evening started to settle in, the wedding guests were treated to some pretty amazing pizzas before they were called back into the venue for the bouquet toss (Note to future brides throwing it off the balcony here: Don’t chuck it too high or it’ll hit the ceiling and fall straight down onto the tables below!). It was then straight into the first dance, which looks great against the backdrop of that fantastic sign! And as ties were loosened and shoes were kicked off, we said our goodbyes and vanished into the night.