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Above you'll see the rarest of things...a photograph of me! So if you're one of those people who runs a mile when someone tries to take your photo, I'm right there with you! This is one of the reasons why I've created an approach to photographing weddings which takes the pressure off and lets you enjoy sharing the moments with your nearest and dearest.

When I’m not taking photos, I’m usually watching Time Team, eating chocolate, reading a stack of books, sat in the cinema, or a combination of the above!  I play guitar, hang out at gigs, and love hiking around the countryside.  I get to do lots of this around Melbourne, South Derbyshire, where I live with my wife, Beck, and fluffy old cat, Molly.

If you're on GoodReads or Letterboxd, we'll definitely get along, as I'm forever updating them with the books I'm reading and the movies I've watched. I'm still trying to beat 2009's '54 books in a year'! 

This is Molly who's usually a bit of a scaredy cat, but here she is, sat in the good light, posing her little heart out. Bless her.

Finally, here's a quick-fire list of other bits and bobs I enjoy...

My Amazing Family • New Balance trainers • Doing the big shop • Chocolate • Exploring new places • Driving • The feeling of starting a new book • Doing the laundry • Time Team • Summer • Chocolate • Settling down for a carpet picnic and movie marathon on a rainy day • Chocolate • The build-up to Christmas • History • The intros to Columbia & Universal studios movies • Making up impromptu songs about our cat • Chocolate.

Big thanks to Ash Davenport for the main photo.

Selfie of Chris and Beck

Here's me and Beck, and an illustration of our lovely home town of Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Illustration by the incredibly talented, Barbara Bagley - www.barbarabagley.co.uk

Illustration of Melbourne in Derbyshire