Birdsgrove House Wedding Photography

birdsgrove house wedding photography

A Vintage Wedding at Birdsgrove House in Derbyshire

I’d known Sarah for a while when she approached me to photograph her and Dave’s wedding at Birdsgrove House in Derbyshire. She runs a small cake business in her spare time, and we’d worked together on a few shoots. She talked about her passion for all things vintage, and Dave’s passion for music, and how they were going to create the perfect wedding combining these two things. And it was an incredible event to be a part of! Just have a look at this!

birdsgrove house wedding venue
breakfast for the bride at hope cottage
bride's mother in the morning
bride having her hair done
bride laughing with friends
mother of the bride on the phone
make-up artist working on the bride
bridesmaids watching an ipad
groomsmen setting up the food
sandwiches being stacked up
bridesmaid adjusting her hair in a mirror
smiling bride having her hair curled
slippered foot on wooden floor
bridesmaids spraying hairspray outside
bride's hair from the back
bride handling a delicate necklace
bride hugging her friend
wedding morning visitor
little girl reaches for champagne
excited bridesmaid receives a gift
bride helps bridesmaid with her dress
bride's mum helps her with her dress
close-up of the bride's wedding dress
bridesmaid with dress and slippers
bride kisses her mum
last minute make-up for the bride
groom playing cricket with guests
guests playing lawn games
classic wedding car
groom in vintage clothes
vintage guest on mobile phone
vintage soldier uniformed guest
more guests arrive in vintage dress
groom jokes with friends
bride arrives in wedding car
sorting out the dress
happy bride with bouquet
close up of flower girl's dress
bridesmaid in vintage dress
bride and her dad outside the church
groom waiting at Elvaston church
bride walking down the aisle with her father
smiling groom as he sees his bride
exchange of rings
the first kiss in church
guests in church
walking down the aisle just married
laughing guests outside church
leaving the church
confetti outside elvaston church
confetti caught in grooms hat
bride and groom enjoying a quiet moment
relaxed wedding portrait outside elvaston castle
guests arriving at birdsgrove house
this way sign at birdsgrove
guests arriving at venue
entrance to a yurt
table setting inside the yurt
interior of the yurt at birdsgrove
classic car parked outside venue
groomsmen carrying food
guests entering the yurt
lanterns hanging in a tree outside the venue
vintage wedding decoration
chalk board wedding rules
vintage wedding details
guests admiring the yurt's interior
make-up retouching outside
father plays with his kids
taking a photo of grandad
ballet shoes for the guests in the evening
cake and fruit dessert
china teacup and saucer place setting
groom enjoying a pint at the bar
guests in vintage dress sat on a grass bank
guests have fun with hanging picture frame in gardens
more lawn games for the guests
sat outside enjoying the weather
picture frame and prop fun
guests mingling together on the lawn
two guests relaxing on the grass
guest takes photo of the rain
guest with an umbrella stood in the rain
guests laughing together
groomsmen with umbrellas carrying supplies
groom singing in wedding band
guest taking photos of the band
laughter inside the yurt
bridesmaids with umbrellas carrying supplies
wedding band
bride dancing with a bridesmaid
guests applauding wedding band
groom singing at his own wedding
bride singing and dancing
guests waiting for pizza
guest brings back pizza
bride shows guests her wedding ring
bridesmaids dancing and laughing
wedding guest watches dancing
guests dance to the wedding band
guests checking phones
wedding band finishes their set
bride kisses her new husband

Bridal Prep at Hope Cottage

After first meeting her when she used to work with my dad, by the time their wedding date rolled around, I’d already been round to their house a few times to photograph some of Sarah’s incredible cakes! And speaking of cakes, she even made her own wedding cake and they both put in so much effort to make their wedding day quintessentially ‘them’.

The day started out with sunshine and blue skies as I arrived at the venue to capture the morning’s preparations. Sarah and her little crew had been staying at Hope Cottage which sits behind the main house of Birdsgrove, and is a wonderfully fitted-out little property and a perfect place to spend the morning of your wedding day. Stood at the open patio doors looking out onto the Derbyshire countryside in all it’s glory, I was half tempted to boot them all out and keep it for myself!

Whilst the girl’s were relaxing with an impressive breakfast banquet and some champagne, I went over to the main house to meet Dave and his merry men who were busy sorting out all of the catering for the afternoon’s wedding buffet, which was all being handled by the couple and their helpers friends. Once that was done, the boys quickly got changed into their wedding clothes and had a quick game of cricket out on the lawn. Not sure that was the best idea, but ah well. Boys will be boys.

Guests Arrive in Vintage Dress

The ceremony was held at St. Bartholemew’s in the small village of Elvaston in Derbyshire. It’s a beautiful old church, in great surroundings (it sits just on the edge of Elvaston Castle) and has a really interesting interior. You can see some of the paintings above the altar in the photos below. As the guests started to arrive it was so great to see so many people taking part in the vintage dress theme that Sarah and Dave had chosen. Everyone looked fantastic in the early afternoon sun, against the backdrop of this old church. You could almost imagine you’d been zapped back in time.

It was back to Birdsgrove following the ceremony, where the guests got to explore the amazing yurts that had been erected in the grounds. (Lizzie and Jim from Wedding Yurts did such a great job with these and were on hand all day to help out, too.) Sarah and Dave had made sure there were plenty of things to do, with an elaborate picture frame hung from a tree with a trunk of props, a treasure hunt around the grounds, a selection of lawn games and plenty of amazing food and drink!

The Frontman Groom

As we got to the evening, the band started setting up for the evening’s entertainment. Tonight’s wedding band was a little different though, as it had been put together by the groom himself, who had recruited some of his friends and had been practicing for the weeks before the wedding. Dave took to the stage and looked every bit the confident frontman, though there was only one person in the room he was trying to impress, and from the look on Sarah’s face as she watched her new husband sing, he’d succeeded.

If you’re getting married at Birdsgrove House or one of Derbyshire’s other great wedding venues and you’d like to talk about your wedding photography, click this link to my contact page and drop me a message telling me a little bit about you and your wedding plans.


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