Bridal Prep

bridal prep cubley hall

Wedding days can vary wildly from small, intimate gatherings to huge events with bands, magicians and hundreds of guests. Despite their differences though, most have similar moments throughout the day, and it’s these moments that I’m going to be focusing on in this blog series.

As it’s the first one, why not start at the beginning. The bridal prep. For many of my photographer friends it’s one of their favourite parts of the day to photograph, and I’d have to agree. The anticipation, the nerves, the excitement, the chaos, the laughter…it’s all to be found on the morning of the wedding. This is a shot from Samantha & Jim’s wedding in Yorkshire. I arrived at Sam’s hotel room, to be met with peals of laughter and this was one of the first photographs I made that day.

Wedding mornings can affect people differently, and I love how relaxed and happy Sam was on hers.