Cake Cutting – Wood Lane Countryside Centre

laughing while cutting the cake

As traditions go, cutting the wedding cake was always going to rank highly in my book. It involves cake, after all! It’s a funny aspect of weddings if you look at the history of the wedding cake. Originally they were thrown at the bride! Thankfully, that doesn’t happen these days. I don’t think, anyway. The cutting of the cake was an important symbol of the couple’s new life together, being the first task they do together. Early on, the entire cake would have been cut up by the bride for her guests, but these days it’s more a symbolic gesture.

This shot is from Katie and Sam’s wedding back in 2014 at the Wood Lane Countryside Centre near Sheffield in Yorkshire. I chose this shot for this look at the cutting of the wedding cake not only because their expressions are brilliant, but also because they had a whole table of cakes to go alongside their wedding cake (you can see some of them in the background). They didn’t cut all of them though. Just the big white one. To view Katie and Sam’s full wedding you can view their blog here.

Oh, and if you’d like to read some more about the history of wedding cakes and their roles in traditions, I got my knowledge from this website: Maisie Fantaisie