Are you engaged?

Are you the adventurous, outdoorsy types?

Or maybe more movie-buffs and book lovers?

Are you up for a relaxed photography session with zero cheesy posing?

engagement shoot with the dog
Relaxed engagement photographs

If this sounds like you, then I think we're going to be a great fit!

I'm looking for engaged couples who want some pre-wedding photos, but who prefer the idea of a relaxed session. That means I won't have you peeking out from behind a tree, or pulling serious "model faces". It'll just be photos of you being you.

This offer is available for only 5 couples who love the outdoors and are happy to take life as it comes. These pre-wedding sessions are totally free! Yep, seriously. Free. I'll even throw in a print from the shoot. You'll have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you like, but there is no obligation.

Why am I doing this? Well, as a documentary wedding photographer, the thought of a posed, pre-wedding shoot never really seemed to fit with my work. So I wanted to develop a documentary portrait session. With these sessions, what I'll be creating is a 'Day in the Life' themed shoot. You'll end up with a set of gorgeous, natural photos of you guys just enjoying an afternoon in the great outdoors.

If this all sounds good to you and your fiancé and you're keen to get started, fill out the short form below, give me as much detail as you can, and we'll speak soon.

And your furry friends are more than welcome to join us!

Dog on an engagement shoot
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