Denstone Hall Farm Wedding

denstone hall farm wedding photographer

A Laid-back Denstone Hall Farm Wedding

When Kate and John contacted me way back in 2016, they described wanting their wedding day to be more of an informal party than a big sit-down wedding. And they absolutely nailed it! After the ceremony at Ashbourne Town Hall, they took the wedding to Denstone Farm.

We started the day at the Keith Hall salon in Ashbourne where Kate and her party were enjoying some bubbly (or some juice for the youngsters) and trying to keep cool in what seemed like the hottest room on the planet! A testament to just how relaxed this lot were, they barely even mentioned the temperature. Just got on with enjoying the day. Troopers!

What Next?

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Getting Married at Ashbourne Town Hall

With everyone waiting at Ashbourne Town Hall, me, Kate, and her father made the short walk from the salon through the town to the hall. Kate smiling every step of the way, with barely a whiff of nervousness at all.

The knot well and truly tied, they invited everyone to stick around at the town hall for tea and scones. This should be a staple for all summer weddings. I bloody love scones!!

Wedding Reception at Denstone Hall Farm Shop & Café

I think I’m right in saying that this was the first wedding Denstone Farm had played host to. Always nice to be able to say you were the first. And the team there really helped to make it a special day. The place looked fantastic, the food tasted wonderful and they looked after the guests as well as any venue I’ve visited.

The afternoon stretched into the evening. Football was played, numerous confetti cannons were fired, some inventive gifts were given courtesy of the best man, and there were some excellent shapes being thrown on the dance floor. Kate, John, I hope you guys had an amazing time. You definitely achieved your informal wedding party!