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An Elms Barn Wedding in Suffolk

Earlier this year Kate and Pete were married at Elms Barn in Suffolk on a perfect summers day. Does May count as summer? Let’s just say it does. Being an Elms Barn wedding photographer is perfect on a day like this, with the stunning venue, gorgeous gardens and so much outdoor space!

“We are so thankful for how relaxed you were with everyone and really looking forward to seeing the big reveal! Everyone loved you too!! They said how nice and non pushing the wedding photographer was. Kudos!” – Kate

Elms Barn Stackyard Lodge
Bridal prep at Elms Barn
Natural wedding photography
Creative wedding photography
Wedding photography from above
Meadow Cottage at Elms Barn
Groom posing for a photograph
Last minute wedding preparations
Best man checking his watch
Elms Barn Wedding Venue
Laughing bride
Natural wedding photography
Bride all ready and waiting
Little girls dressed for a wedding
Elms Barn Wedding Venue
Outdoors Wedding Venue
Guests at outdoors wedding ceremony
Page boys at a wedding
Bride walks down the aisle outdoor ceremony
Elms Barn Outdoor Wedding
Funny flower girl at a wedding
Elms Barn Outdoor Wedding
Elms Barn Indoor Wedding
Wedding first kiss
Bride and groom wedding celebration
Documentary wedding photography
Bride with her bridesmaids
Bride joking with guests
Wedding indoor sunglasses
Happy wedding guest
Bride's parents entrance
Wedding guests applaud speeches
Groom's parents entrance
Wedding guests during speeches
Groomsmen's entrance
Bridesmaid's entrance
Bride and groom's entrance
Elms Barn Wedding
Guest crying during wedding speeches
Selfie stick at a wedding
Natural wedding photography
Elms Barn wedding grooms speech
Groom plays guitar during speech
Musical groom's speech at wedding
Emotional wedding photography
Happy wedding guests hugging
Little girl at a wedding eyes the cake
Natural outdoor wedding portraits
Beautiful relaxed wedding portraits
Little girl looks underneath brides dress
Mums dancing at a wedding
Little girl blowing up a balloon at a wedding
Wedding fancy dress props
Wedding guestbook signing guitar
Elms Barn Wedding Photography
Elms Barn first dance
Wedding dance floor party
Crazy hats on the dance floor at a wedding
Fancy dress wedding party
Wedding party laughter
Lively wedding reception dancing
Hands up on the dance floor
Wedding marquee lit up at night

What Next?

If you’re looking for your Elms Barn wedding photographer, click the link below to check your date and to tell me about the two of you.

Kate along with her bridesmaids and a few other special guests were staying in Stackyard Lodge, one of the many lodgings at Elms Barn, and it was here where I joined them in the morning for the bridal prep shots. Laughter rang throughout the huge main room. Always a good sign when a wedding day starts with some big laughs!

With so many options of places to stay at Elms Barn, Pete and his entourage were also on site, at the not quite as big but equally lovely, Meadow cottage on the other side of the main house. I arrived to a kitchen that took me back to my student days. Minus the champagne, that is. The boys were sat around, reading Empire magazine and playing with dinosaur toys. Which sounds like a Saturday morning round at my house. Ahem.

As everyone got ready it was over to the ceremony area which was taking place in the wonderful gardens. The weather was certainly on our team for this one and it showed on the big smiles (and sunglasses) as you looked around the guests. Kate looked stunning as she walked along the garden path to meet Pete for their sun-kissed ceremony filled with some great emotional speeches and lots of laughter.

After some portraits and a handful of group shots it was inside for the wedding breakfast and the speeches, where Pete knocked his Groom’s speech right out of the park with a flippin’ amazing song that he’d written on guitar. I’m no stranger to a guitar, and Pete definitely has some serious skills!

And so, as the sun set, it was time for the evening do, and obviously powered by the sun’s energy, everybody went for it, big time! The dance floor props certainly helped. We need to see more of this. If there’s one thing besides alcohol that gets people up and dancing, it’s the chance to where a mask and a silly hat.

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