Heaton House Farm Wedding

heaton house farm wedding photographer

A Chilly December wedding at Heaton House Farm in Cheshire

On what was probably the coldest day of the year last year, I made my way over to Heaton House Farm in Cheshire to photograph Michael & Katie’s wedding. Our pre-wedding video chat the previous week had been such a great laugh, I knew that I was in for a day packed full of laughter and fun times! And it turned out that it’s not just Michael & Katie who were good fun, but most of their family and friends, too! Pretty much wall-to-wall smiles and laughter right from the start.

The dressing room where Katie was getting ready was full of the excitement of a wedding morning, but also filled with raucous laughter and squeals. Love it! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, which makes it so easy to just blend in and be part of the gang, and capture all of those moments that really sum up the feeling of the day. Which I think is what most of us want from our wedding photos, right? To be able to look back, and not just get a sense of how things looked, but also what it felt like to be a part of it. And despite it being something silly like -5 outside, inside Heaton House Farm it was all warmth and smiles.

Getting Married at Heaton House Farm

If you’re thinking of getting married at Heaton House Farm in Cheshire, I hope these photos gave you an idea as to what the experience would be like. It’s a stunning setting, with the Cheshire countryside rolling all around you. With a dedicated dressing room inside the main venue, as well as rooms just across the courtyard, there’s plenty of space for you to get ready and for your wedding party to be close by. It also has a lovely suite for the two of you to collapse into at the end of the night. No need to worry about taxis, or even stairs. Just a short hop across the hallway and you’re there. Perfect!

The venue has a patio terrace, and a garden for lawn games or just hanging out in the summer. On this occasion, I think Michael & Katie were the only people to venture onto the lawn! There’s a ceremony room and bar area in one section, and then, like some sort of magic trick, you go through a curtain and into a huge reception area for the wedding meal. It looked fantastic this time, like some sort of winter wonderland, with a huge Christmas tree at one side, and tons of great lighting and decorations.

I’m available for wedding photography bookings at Heaton House Farm, so drop me a message if you’d like to talk some more about your plans for the big day.