One Fine Moment – The Dreaded Cheek Squeeze

Funny wedding photographs

I empathise with this kid, I really do. Being half-Italian, I was forever having my cheeks squeezed like this by my grandad over here, and by pretty much every person we met when we visited family in Italy. To be honest, I’m surprised my cheeks aren’t somewhere by my shoulders after everything they went through as a nipper.

Moments like this are what I’m always on the look-out for during the wedding day. Stuff that makes me smile. I like the look on the kid’s face as his dad pinches his cheeks. As if it’s something that always happens. A look of weary acceptance. Yet the dad’s loving it. It’s quite often the people attending a wedding that make the day a fun one, rather than any planned activities. Funny people make fun wherever they are. And it’s always these folks that I keep an eye on.