One Fine Moment – Just a swift one

groom and groomsmen having a pre-wedding pint

Occasionally I’ll get the chance to spend the wedding morning with the groom and his little entourage before heading to the church. It can sometimes be a quiet part of the day, with people’s minds focused on the day ahead; reading his vows, remembering the rings or giving a speech. What I loved about this wedding morning spent with James and his groomsmen was that it was non-stop laughter right up to the church. In fact, this whole wedding was a whole load of laughs from start to finish.

I chose this image because this one frame captures the morning of the wedding so perfectly. These lads had been friends for ages and played in bands together and there was a fair amount of ribbing directed at the groom, as is traditional some might say. They stopped in at the local pub for “a swift half” (ahem!), which may or may not have been followed by a shot of whisky for the groom. Early drinking habits aside, it was great to be amongst the friendly jokes and laughter, and this shot of everyone laughing at, what is now, a long-forgotten joke (at least to me, anyway), is my favourite from the morning.

Visit this link for more photos of this wedding at The Fold in Bransford.