Riverside Glasshouse Wedding

riverside glasshouse wedding photographer

A Beautiful Family Orientated Wedding At Riverside Glasshouse

Kirstie and Keith picked one of those rare things for their wedding day at The Riverside Glasshouse in Royal Leamington Spa…a hot Summers day! Imagine our surprise when temperatures were in the low 20s during the mornings preparations. And getting married in a large temperate greenhouse, was probably something that they thought would be useful for the usual chilly English summer afternoons. Not today though. Hot, and sunny, and big sweaty smiles everywhere. Fantastic for photographs. If only we had a few guaranteed months of this every year!

Getting Married at the Riverside Glasshouse

If you’re thinking of getting married at the Riverside Glasshouse in Royal Leamington Spa, I hope these photos gave you an idea as to what the experience would be like. It’s a stunning building, and the setting is brilliant. I really love that it’s set in a public park by the river, and you get all kinds of people in the background. And if you want to go for a walk for some photos, it means you get all kinds of unique moments and photos that nobody else will have had.

The venue does have its own private terrace, which is raised from the level of the park footpath that runs past it, so if you’d like a bit of separation for you and your guests, you got it. And the Temperate House is a fab venue to get married in, or for your party. All of those lights hitting the huge plants and trees…feels like having a disco in Jurassic Park!

I’m available for wedding photography bookings at the Glasshouse, so drop me a message if you’d like to talk some more about your plans for the big day.