Rutland Water Wedding Photographer

rutland water wedding photographer

Normanton Church: A wedding venue on Rutland Water

March saw me heading back to Rutland, (the smallest county don’t you know) as Laura and Jonathan’s  Normanton church wedding photographer. Nestled on the banks of Rutland Water, this is a stunning venue. Now a de-consecrated church, it’s a breathtaking location for civil wedding ceremonies and I was excited to be back here. And with such great weather, too!

This church, which seems to be stood on a rocky outcrop that juts into the resevoir, has actually been partially submerged, so when you’re inside, you’re actually stood in the upper half of the building. I love historical and architectural oddities, so this place certainly piques my interest.

normanton park hotel wedding
bridal prep four poster bed dress
bridal preparations silhouette
bride opens gift from groom on wedding morning
morning in the groom's hotel room
groomsmen attaching button holes
groomsmen outside normanton park hotel
mothers of the bride and groom in the morning
rutland belle on rutland water
bridesmaids getting ready
bridal prep silhouette
final touches to the wedding dress
smiles and laughs on the wedding morning
seeing who's at the door
parents help their daughter into wedding car
bridesmaids on rutland water
normanton church on rutland water
bride's family help with veil
bride in the back room normanton church
nervous groom waiting at the altar normanton church
funny wedding photograph
wedding guest smiling under hat
best man and grooms parents waiting
groom waiting at normanton church
bride arriving at altar normanton church
bride smiling at groom at the altar
holding hands during the ceremony
normanton church wedding photography
walking down the aisle normanton church
bride and groom at normanton church
guests boarding the rutland belle
rutland belle wedding guests
best man and captain greeting guests
bride and groom boarding the rutland belle
rutland belle wedding cruise
bride and groom top deck rutland belle
rutland belle and normanton church
guests walking along rutland water
hot chocolate reception
wedding guests chatting
parents blowing bubbles for baby
wedding cake table
guests using the seating plan
bride and groom initials in photographs
baby wedding guest
groom's speech with best man
guest reaction during speeches
recording the speeches
groom looking at his wife during speeches
bridal party table during speech
laughter during the speeches
bride and groom toast
cake cutting
first dance at normanton park hotel
bride and groom partying on the dancefloor
guests dancing
wedding reception normanton park
normanton church rutland water sunset

What Next?

If you’re getting married on Rutland Water and looking for your Normanton Church wedding photographer, click the link below to check your date and tell me a bit about the two of you and your big plans.

Wedding preparations at the Normanton Park Hotel

I arrived at the Normanton Park Hotel, where both Laura and Jonathan were staying, to photograph their morning preparations. I’ve probably said it before, but I love it when I get to capture a little of both sides of the wedding morning. To me, it gives a lovely balance to the finished photos and album. I started with Laura, whose room had views out over Rutland Water. The weather that morning had been high winds, and there had been reports that the boat that Laura, Jon and their wedding guests would take a ride on after the ceremony, wasn’t going to be able to run. So with views over the water, it was met with whoops of delight when the mums caught a glimpse of the boat making it’s way over the reservoir. Looked like the boat ride was on!

Normanton Park Hotel is just a short walk away from the church, so despite the high winds and high heels, the bridesmaids left Laura and walked to the venue, with me in tow, while Laura sensibly opted to be driven around. At the church there’s a little back room where the bride can choose to use prior to the ceremony, and because the only way into the church is through the front door, it meant Laura had to be there before anyone else. After Jon and the guests had arrived and taken their seats, it was time for Laura to leave the confines of the church’s secret back room, and make her way to the front for the ceremony.

Post-ceremony boat ride on the Rutland Belle

After the ceremony there was a little bit of time before the boat arrived, and though the wind had dropped enough for the boat to sail, it was still bloomin’ cold, so the guests sought shelter back in the church. As the boat appeared behind the church, we all made our way to the little mooring, and boarded the Rutland Belle. The top deck remained curiously empty. On the lower, warmer deck, canapes were served, champagne was poured, and the scenery was enjoyed through the boat’s huge scenery-enjoying windows. It’s a great thing to do, so if you’re ever near Rutland Water, I recommend checking it out.

Back on dry land, me and the guests walked back along the shoreline to the hotel for the wedding breakfast and reception. The cold wind snapping at our heels, the brandy hot chocolates waiting for us at the door were possibly the most welcome thing any of us could’ve asked for. As the guests thawed out a little, Laura and Jon returned to the hotel, and soon everyone was seated for the wedding breakfast, with beautiful views across the hotel gardens to the water. Not bad at all.

Once the last spoonful of dessert had been finished, the tables were cleared and it was time to cut the cake. Despite having a table full of cakes (which they’d asked guests to make and bring along) they only cut the one, before making their way onto the dance floor for a wonderfully choreographed first dance to the flashes of cameras and “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s of their family and friends.