Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums (minus the tassels and tracing paper!)

When you think about wedding albums, chances are, you’re thinking the same thing I did before I started shooting weddings. Massive things with frills, tassels, tracing paper, and those ornate metal corner thingys.

Thankfully, things have changed!

Today, your wedding photos will look bloody fantastic in an album, and not a tassel in sight!

I use a wonderful company called Folio for all of my wedding albums, and rather than me try to bumble my way through telling you how amazing they are, here’s the founder, Stewart, to help you see why I love these albums so much!

A bit of album love…

"Thank you for our amazing wedding album! It looks incredible. We were both blown away by the quality of it. The spreads were so beautifully put together and really brought back the memories of the day."

~ Nat & David

So What Next?

For most people, this is the first time they've ever had a wedding album, so here's a look at the few simple steps involved.

1. You pick 30-40 of your favourite images using your online gallery.

2. I use your selections to design the initial layouts for your album, and add extra images here and there to make sure it flows nicely.

3. You receive a link to your digital album proof where you can view the layout and make comments about any changes you'd like to see.

4. You have a second look through the proof once I've made your changes, before giving it the green light.

5. I get the design over to the good folks at Folio, and 3-4 weeks later, you'll be holding your first family heirloom in your hands!

If you have any questions about anything, just drop me an e-mail.