Wedding Hair Top Tips by Chris Fordham

hairstyles for bridesmaidTop Tips on Your Wedding Hair by Award-Winning Stylist, Chris Fordham

I had the pleasure of working alongside Chris Fordham at a wedding at Birtsmorton Court. This guy is the real deal. Friendly, talented, professional, funny…the works. And if that wasn’t enough, he was kind enough to put together this list of his top pointers when you’re planning what to do with your hair on your wedding day. So without any more waffle from me, here’s Chris.

Booking a hairstylist to create your dream hair style for you and your bridesmaids has moved from the luxury category into the essential. There are many reasons for booking a stylist to come to you, not least the convenience of having someone come to your home or wedding venue, allowing you to sit back and be pampered in style!

Firstly a quick search on the internet will bring up wedding professionals based in your area…but how do you know if they’re any good? Obviously a personal recommendation is great; maybe a family member, friend or work colleague has used someone that they could suggest. Try also asking the advice of the other wedding suppliers that you have booked, they will have worked with lots of other suppliers and probably be able to pass on some helpful contacts! So here is my top 10 list of tips and planning advice…

  1. BOOK EARLY…Book the stylist as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed, even if it is a year before, your wedding date is ONE day, and generally stylists can only style hair for one wedding per date.
  2. IF YOU LIKE IT PIN IT…Start a Pinterest board at the same time, you may think you know what you want for your hairstyle but by saving images of styles it helps to fine tune your ideas and very often you will surprise yourself by choosing a different style in the end.
  3. LOOK AFTER YOUR HAIR…Discuss a hair care plan with your regular stylist up to a year before hand. Book appointments for regular trims to keep split ends at bay and decide when you are going to have colouring appointments.
  4. TRIAL TIME…ALWAYS book a hair trial, I NEVER style hair for weddings without conducting a trial, it gives you and the stylist chance to run through ideas, discuss any limitations your hair may have and ways to get around them! I generally suggest approximately 2 months before the wedding.
  5. FAKE IT…Don’t be afraid to use artificial hair or ‘padding’ to give more volume and/or length to your chosen style. If used correctly clip in hair extensions are COMPLETLEY undetectable.
  6. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…Be open to alternative ideas….a bridal hair specialist will be able to suggest a style that will work with your hair texture, style of dress and overall wedding theme.
  7. ACCESSORISE…Accessories really do add a certain something to a bridal hair style, so consider what you would like in your hair. From flowers to vintage jewellery I’ve used everything, take into consideration your wedding style and location.
  8. THINK CLASSICAL…It can be very tempting to go for an ultra-trendy style that is ‘so now!’, it’s much better to go for a more classical style that won’t look as dated in your photos in 10 or 20 years’ time!
  9. BRIDESMAID HEAVEN…Allow your bridesmaids to have freedom to decide on what style they have on your wedding day! A lot of brides feel that they should arrange every element of the bridesmaid’s look but this isn’t true, a very good phrase to remember is ‘They’re bridesmaids NOT backing singers!’
  10. RELAX…and finally just enjoy the process! It can feel as if you need everything to be perfect for your wedding, remember to just stand back and enjoy!

If you’d like to see more of Chris’s work and find some more info on the Cotswold’s best, award-winning stylist, here’s his website >>

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