Yeldersley Hall Wedding

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Colourful Derbyshire wedding at yeldersley hall

There are some wedding venues that I find myself at multiple times each year, and others where there can be years between weddings there. So when Joe & Kirsty asked me to be their Yeldersley Hall wedding photographer, there was smoke coming off my keyboard as I typed my reply. It may have been a few years since my last wedding here, but I remembered just how welcome Andrew and the team made everyone, and how much character there is to this stunning Georgian country house!

It was clear pretty early on that this lovely pair were more than happy for me to just do my thing, and capture the day my way. Which is to calmly watch as the day unfolds and to record their wedding as it actually happened. No staged moments (other than the handful of family groups and 10 minutes of portraits), just them and their nearest & dearest, being themselves, and getting every bit of enjoyment out of this special day. Here are a few highlights.

yeldersley hall for wedding photographs

Yeldersley Hall is not only a fantastic venue for your wedding, where you and your guests will be so well looked after by Andrew and his team, but it’s a fantastic backdrop for your wedding photographs.

The old gatehouse (now called The Lodge) is a great place for one of you to get ready on the morning of the wedding. Close enough to be able to walk to the ceremony, but just far enough away so that you won’t risk seeing each other.

The West Wing is a fantastic area for getting ready. This former servant’s quarters is now a 6-berth luxury apartment, and a lovely, relaxing place to spend your wedding morning, whilst catching peeks of your guest in the courtyard as they arrive.

The 12 acre grounds have so many amazing places for you and your guests to explore. The formal gardens, the walled garden, a beautiful old greenhouse, and The Orangery, are all beautiful, character pieces to this estate, that add so much to your wedding photos. Not just for any portraits that you’d like, but just as a period backdrop for your guests to enjoy your wedding day against.

And who could forget the beautiful Derbyshire countryside that surrounds the venue. Close to Ashbourne, and the Peak District, it’s situated so well for not just your wedding day, but the days surrounding it. Exploring the local villages, or getting your hiking boots on and going for a walk. All is on the doorstep of this perfect Derbyshire wedding venue.

What Next?

If you’re looking for your Yeldersley Hall wedding photographer, click the link below to check your wedding date and to tell me about the two of you and all your wedding day plans.