Castle Twickel Wedding Part 2

Netherlands Wedding Photography

Castle Twickel Entrance

We left our happy couple as they were walking over the bridge into the main doors of Castle Twickel. To refresh your memory, I’ve started this post with the last image from Part 1. With their wedding guests crowded behind them and the population of the nearby villages straining their necks and eyes from outside the gates, Liesbeth and Roderick made their way into the cool depths of the castle.

As most of the castle was closed off, the respite from the heat of this scorcher of a day was brief, but as the couple and their guests emerged at the back of the castle, they were met with cold champagne and plenty of chilled apple juice! It was such a great setting for a reception, as everyone scattered around the grounds, finding seats or shelter to eat, drink and get some serious chatting done.

Floating Jazz Band

The afternoon was punctuated with a variety of musical performances; a floating jazz band on the moat, a huge marching band and a small group of Dutch horn players. And if that wasn’t enough for the guests, an air horn echoed across the lake and everyone turned to watch as a bunch of guys from Roderick’s college fraternity came rowing across the lake in rubber dinghy’s waving flares and singing. Apparently it’s some sort of tradition, but I didn’t quite get the idea.

With all that excitement over with, many of the guests started to leave the castle back to their homes or hotels to have a snooze and prepare for the evening reception. Which made it a perfect time for the few that were left to strip down to their undies and jump in the lake! Those suits looked hot. I don’t blame them!

Evening Black Tie Event

The evening do was a tuxedo and ball gown type of affair, so I stationed myself in the formal gardens to grab some portraits of the guests as they arrived. It felt more like an awards ceremony than a wedding reception! Everyone then sat down to a fantastic looking feast and were treated to a joint speech by the couple. A first for me.

And then…a loosely assembled marching band featuring various guests and family members came bursting into the marquee and lead the guests to the Orangery for the final part of our wedding…the dancing. And dance they did! Even though the Orangery was about a billion degrees! It was some of the craziest dancing I’ve seen at a wedding. These Dutch folks certainly know how to party! And as I left them just after midnight, they didn’t show any signs of stopping. The nutters!

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