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Wedding Photography in Darley Abbey, Derby

Not long after moving back to Derby I read about a new wedding venue opening in Darley Abbey, and when I saw the first photos of it, I knew that it was going to be a great place for photography and that photographers would go crazy for it. And so began the countdown to my first booking there.

start of the wedding day
bridal prep on wedding day
wedding morning make up party
giving some make up tips
wedding morning calling for a taxi
darley abbey wedding venue
wedding morning prep
mill bridal prep room
mother of the bride with a cuppa
bride getting ready
groom watching guests arrive
bridal morning prep
father of the bride hug
walking down the aisle
bride looks lovingly at her husband
happy smiling groom during ceremony
mother of the bride during ceremony
bride and groom during ceremony
industrial wedding venue
young wedding guest taking photos
exposed brick wedding venue
bride spends a moment with her daughter
newlyweds walking down the aisle
guests chatting
mill wedding venue in derby
bride and grooms little daughter
wedding guests with bubbles
guests blowing bubbles
outdoor confetti tunnel
couple with their daughter
friends of the bride laughing
relaxed portraits at derby wedding venue
bride and groom waving at guests
bride and groom happy embrace
grandmothers with their grandaughter
laughter during speeches
father of the bride giving a speech
raised glasses during speeches
choreographed first dance
ladies on the dancefloor
newlyweds kissing on the dance floor

What Next?

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Enter Lisa and Torsten, who contacted me last July asking if I was available to photograph their wedding and singing the praises of this new venue they’d booked. It’s pretty exciting having one of the region’s best wedding venues on your doorstep, and it’s great that couples have access to something so stunning that you’d normally only see in London.

I started the day at their lovely home in Derby, where the atmosphere was one of quiet excitement. At least, it was until the taxi arrived before everyone was in their dresses! Thankfully the venue is only a few minutes from their home, so there was no real panic. I left them to it and made my way over to the venue.

An Exclusive Use Historical Wedding Venue

The Mill is a great looking venue, set in an historic mill complex in Darley Abbey. An old band I played in used to rehearse around here, and I’m partial to spending a hot summer’s day at Darley Park, so I know the area pretty well, but what the team have done with the building and surrounding area is fantastic! When I arrived, the place was almost deserted, so I had a quick look around before meeting one of the events team, who gave me the full tour. It really is a wonderful building, and the refurbishment has retained so much of the original character of the place. Which I suppose is why it’s become such a popular venue to get married in. Seriously, if you’re interested, get a date secured here as soon as you can!

Lisa and the girls arrived early so that they could hide away in the special dressing room on the top floor without being spotted. It’s a great idea for a venue like this with so many floors, so that the bride can arrive early and finish her getting ready at the venue, and then walk out to the ceremony room, which is also on the top floor. These guys have your wedding day planned. Start at the top and work your way down the floors. Basically a floor for every part of your wedding day.

After the ceremony, during which Torsten looked like the happiest guy on earth, the guests made their way downstairs where they formed possibly the longest confetti row I’d ever seen. I was worried we’d run out of room. Thankfully we didn’t and Lisa and Torsten loved every bit of it anyway. The smiles you see on their faces in the confetti photo stayed there for the whole day. It was such a fun and love-filled day. I genuinely felt privileged to be a small part of it.

Lisa, Torsten…thank you both for making me feel so welcome. I hope you had an amazing day!

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