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masa wedding in derby

A Wonderfully Intimate Masa Restaurant Wedding

Masa is a lovely Wesleyan chapel in Derby which has been restored and is now a restaurant and wedding venue. I was asked by Eloise and James to be their Masa restaurant wedding photographer for a small but wonderfully intimate ceremony and reception back in April this year. When we first met, they told me of their plans to have a wedding that suited them and how they were leaving out some of the traditional elements of a wedding day and doing things their way. Perfect. Right up my street. All weddings should be about the couple first.

wedding morning with a cat
groom at home with his mum
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bride at home on wedding morning
groom at home on wedding morning
bride and bridesmaid with champagne
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guests arriving at venue
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masa derby wedding venue
wedding ceremony at masa
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masa wedding ceremony
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guests raise a toast
wine being served for wedding breakfast

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Getting ready at home. Together!

I started the day at their home in Derby, where they were both getting ready. Yep. Both of them. And they weren’t hiding from each other either. It was great being there whilst everyone hung out, had breakfast and chatted about the day ahead. The one aspect that they did stick to was that James wouldn’t see Eloise in her dress before the ceremony. So once he was all ready, he left with his parents to get to the venue. I stayed for a while longer to capture a few moments of Eloise once she was in her amazing wedding dress.

At the venue, the first of the guests were being greeted by James and welcomed into the chapel. The number of guests was kept quite low as they wanted the day to be a small affair, and to be able to spend plenty of time with each of their guests. They didn’t want to be saying “Oh, I didn’t get to speak to…” later that night. As the ceremony time approached, James took his place in front of his guests and waited for Eloise. It wasn’t long before she entered the chapel with a huge smile on her face as she walked down the aisle.

After the ceremony we gathered outside to enjoy the little bit of sunshine that had broken through the clouds. After an hour or so of congratulatory hugs and catching up with guests, everyone made their way back inside for the wedding breakfast. There was only one short speech, delivered by James and Eloise to their guests as they waited for the first course. Then, as the soup was served and the wine was poured, I bade my farewells and left this wonderful little group to enjoy their meals. The plan later was for a few drinks and then back to their hotel rooms in time for Emmerdale. A short but perfect day, which is exactly what they wanted. Hats off to you both! And thanks for having me along to document the occasion.