Derbyshire Marquee Wedding

derbyshire marquee garden wedding

A Derbyshire Marquee Garden Wedding

I was introduced to Sarah and Andy by her brother Joe. Me and him were in local bands who played together when we were teenagers, and more recently I’d taken photographs of his current band. I owe him one for introducing me to Sarah as this was a seriously fun wedding, and one that I’m glad I was there to document.

Arriving at Sarah’s parents house, I was met with an atmosphere of quiet excitement. No chaos, no stress, just Sarah, her family and her bridesmaids enjoying the morning. Even when the generator for the marquee packed up, everyone just took it in their stride. Nothing was going to get in the way of everyone having a damn good time today!

The ceremony was taking place at St Mary’s church in Denby Village, which just happened to be over the road from where we were. So, lead by a family friend Kate, and her flute, we all made our way to the church. The fun-loving theme for the day continued even during the ceremony, with Sarah’s Dad, Joe, cracking a few one liners at the start!

Their first married steps were back over the road to the stunning marquee that had been set up at Sarah’s parents house. Some highlights of the rest of the day included: a big swing, a cardboard cut-out of a friend who couldn’t make it, racks of Jaeger shots, a wedding quiz (which I’m sure was fixed as Sarah and Andy won!), a fantastic, if a little lengthy, speech from Sarah’s dad and some top quality dancing from everyone until well into the night!

If you’re getting married in Derbyshire and fancy having a chat about your wedding photography, just drop me a message over on my contact page and tell me about yourselves and your wedding day plans.

Marquee Wedding in Derbyshire
Marquee Wedding in Derbyshire
Marquee Wedding in Derbyshire
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Marquee Wedding in Derbyshire
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Marquee Wedding in Derbyshire
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Marquee Wedding in Derbyshire
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