The Fold in Bransford Wedding

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A Wedding at The Fold in Bransford

I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph this beautiful little wedding last year. Clare and James were married at Great Malvern registry office with the reception held at The Fold in Bransford.I met up with James at their house in the morning, to photograph him and his groomsmen getting ready. My timing was spot on as I arrived just in time to have a mug of hot tea thrust into my hands. Perfect!

I also found out that we all had similar taste in music, so as we finished up at the house and made our way to the local pub to meet some friends, we were chatting about bands and music. So far, this was more like hanging out with friends than a “real job”. At the pub, we took shelter from the rain in the beer garden and with a few pints (and possibly a whisky or two) helped to calm James’s pre-wedding nerves.

It being Spring time in England, the rain was a constant companion throughout the day, so as we arrived at the registry office, there wasn’t so much mingling outside, more of a mad dash from the car park to the lobby before you got soaked! As is so often the case at weddings though, it didn’t dampen the mood. Nope. Not one bit. Smiles as far as the eye can see!

After the registry office ceremony, which saw Clare shunning tradition by dancing down the aisle, we all made our way to The Fold, a wonderful creative space/cafe/sustainable living centre and probably a dozen other things that I haven’t listed. They’d done a fantastic job of dressing the venue for the wedding, and the main building is so bright and airy, it’s a gift to us photographers to shoot in light like this!

The rain eased off for a while, which gave us time before the wedding breakfast to take Clare, James and the wedding party off into the grounds in search of a decent spot for some photographs. Thankfully, as The Fold also has a working farm on site, we found plenty of fantastic backdrops for the photos. Then it was time to eat.

After 3 courses and some wonderfully heartfelt speeches, the wedding breakfast came to an end, and with the sun finally showing it’s face, we all moved back into the main building of The Fold for the wedding reception featuring some nifty guitar work from Vo & Tyler.

rain on wedding day
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And so ended the wedding day of Clare and James. At least, it did for us anyway, as we left everyone smiling and dancing and laughing all over the dance floor. Thanks for making us feel so welcome!

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