Caroline & Patrick

industrial wedding venue

A December Wedding at a Converted Mill in Derby

Last December, I was in Darley Abbey in Derby for Caroline and Patrick’s winter wedding. What a great time of year to get married (as long as you’re willing to brave some potentially chilly temperatures!), as not only do you have wedding excitement, but also…Christmas is just around the corner to help with the post-wedding blues! They loved the idea of not spending any time posing for photos, so it was fab being able to do my thing and just capture genuine, natural images, that help to document their day as it happened.

Exterior of Mill wedding venue
Christmas wreath
bride in dressing gown holding glass of pink champagne
bride showing bridesmaids photo album
bride in dressing room having make up done
bride showing bridesmaids photo on phone
bride's hair all styled and finished
close up of happy bride putting in earring
smiling bridesmaids admire bride in dress
guests gather inside
Groom helps his young son with bow tie
laughing guests await the wedding ceremony
groom's sister greeting guests with a hug
bride's father is emotional seeing her in her dress
seated guests taking photos during the ceremony
groom smiles as he sees bride walking down the aisle
bride walking down the aisle with her dad
happy bride during ceremony
groom smiling during wedding ceremony
close up of the exchange of rings
ceremony readings
grandfather pulling faces with his young grandson
signing the register against a brick wall
just married
groom's mother hugs her new daughter-in-law
guests ready to throw confetti
joyous confetti tunnel
unposed and natural wedding portraits
guests chatting and laughing
hand made wooden initial sign
choosing what to eat from the menu
male guest admiring the handmade candle holders
little girl picking her nose during wedding breakfast
bride and groom arrive in an elevator
bride laughing at groom's speech
close up of bride looking at her husband during his speech
guests laughing during speeches
bride's father lays a comforting hand on his wife's shoulder
proud father looking at his daughter during his speech
bridesmaid laughing during speeches
bride's father laughing during her speech
guests all raising their glasses in a toast
bride's brother puts his head in his hands
best man delivering his speech to laughing guests
groom's family laughing during speeches
little girl and a doughnut wall
guest eating a donut off the donut wall
guests playing table football
bride and groom cutting a massive chocolate cake
first dance
bride singing to her husband during dance
mother of the bride on the dance floor
bride laughing with friends

What Next?

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your industrial mill wedding, click below to check your date and to tell me about all of your big plans!

Industrial Mill Wedding Venue

This industrial mill looks great, both inside and out, but one of it’s biggest appeals has to be that each floor hosts a different part of your wedding day. No more waiting for the room to be turned around. No more having your guests ushered outside while tables and chairs are re-arranged. Here you start at the top, and you work your way down. And, in case you’re wondering, yes…there’s a lift.

So, I started the day on the top floor, which has this fantastic little dressing room, as well as the main ceremony room. I met Caroline and her bridesmaids, who were a mix of calm, nervous and excited. Sometimes all at the same time. It was also my first time working with Rochelle O’Brien (make-up artist) and Helen Sutcliffe (hair stylist). It’s always good to meet new wedding industry folk, especially so close to home, too.

Emotional Father of the Bride

After nipping downstairs (yes, I used the stairs!) to see how Pat was getting on greeting their guests, I returned to the dressing room to see Caroline looking amazing in her dress, and waiting for her dad to show up. Now, this is one of those moments that I love to capture for the family. It’s such a special thing to witness a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. So much must be going through his mind. So many memories. It’s a privilege to be a part of it. And it’s hard not to get swept up in it all. Thankfully, I have a camera to hide behind.

Following the ceremony, which is a beautifully light and airy room at the top of the building, the guests made their way outside for confetti. The stairs here are pretty narrow, so it’s a gradual process even with the lift to lend a hand. Soon though, we were all outside, and the guests were arranged into two rows for the confetti tunnel.

Back indoors we all went, the guests queuing up to get a glimpse at the table plan to find out where they were sitting. Speaking of tables, you’ll notice a photo of a chap admiring one of the candle holders placed on each table. You might think that it looks like the kind of modern, industrial-chic item you’d find in a high end homewares shop. You’d be wrong. These were lovingly made by none other than our groom, Patrick. Talented chap that he is.

Doughnut Wall for the Evening Reception

As the waiters were filling the champagne glasses, the speeches began. They were a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions. They had the guests laughing, crying and most things in between. And not for the first time that day, I was glad to have my camera to hide behind. After the plates had been cleared away, it was time to kick back and enjoy the evening. With a doughnut wall, table football, a gin bar and the surroundings of an awesome old mill, Caroline and Pat couldn’t have wished for a better end to their wedding.