Elvaston Castle Wedding Venue

elvaston castle wedding photographer

Elvaston Castle Wedding Photographer

I’ve been visiting Elvaston Castle Country Park since I was a kid. The many pathways through the woods, and the grand old house itself, has always been such a draw to me. And whilst I might not run around and frolic as I once used to, it’s still a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. So when I recently heard that Saffron Events were going to be organising weddings here…I had to get involved.

The interior of the gothic hall at elvaston castlethe great fireplace in the gothic hall at elvastonthe wonderful columns in the gothic hallincredible coloured ceiling at elvaston castle wedding venueinterior staircase at elvaston castleexterior shot of elvaston castle wedding venuehigh hedges in the secret garden at elvastonsecret garden wedding venue elvaston in derbywork being carried out at elvaston secret garden wedding venueold secret garden wallthe sensory garden at elvaston castle wedding venue

What Next?

If you’re getting married here and are looking for your Elvaston Castle wedding photographer, click below to check your wedding date and to tell me all about the two of you and what great plans you have for your wedding day!

The Famous Gothic Hall

This part of the house was redesigned for the Fourth Earl of Harrington as a tribute to his great love, Maria Foote. So it seems only fitting that it will become a venue for wedding ceremonies. It’s also featured in the film ‘Women in Love’ from 1969. So there’s a little bit of history on this part of the house. This room will be available for wedding ceremonies, and a number of the adjoining rooms could potentially be included to house drink receptions and other elements of the day. I’m sorry to report that the fireplace isn’t functioning, so if you had visions of a Game of Thrones-esque banquet with a roaring fire in the background, then I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.

The Secret Garden for Weddings

A short walk through the surrounding woodlands takes you to the secret walled garden within the park. The garden is fully functional and while we were there the groundskeepers were busying themselves in the large greenhouses there. The garden is undergoing some improvements at the moment to ready it for the Summer, but already you can see how amazing it will be with a marquee or tipi set up, the sun beating down and guests spilling out onto the lawn. But that’s not all. Walk through a gateway and you’ll find yourself in a second walled garden, which is where outdoor ceremonies will be held. There’s a lovely section of maze-like hedgerows for the bride or groom to walk through, too. And then, in the corner of the larger garden is a walled-off, sensory garden, which will look bloomin’ fantastic in the evening with all sorts of lights and lanterns around it.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t take a camera with me, so below are some of the photos I took, which will give you some idea of the spaces available. You can find out further information on their official website (Elvaston Castle Weddings).

Roll on Summer…I can’t wait to start shooting weddings here!