Melbourne View Hotel Wedding

melbourne view wedding photographer

An Autumn Wedding at Melbourne View Hotel

When Alex & Dan asked me to be their Melbourne View wedding photographer, I was living in Derby. By the time their wedding date rolled around, both Alex & Dan AND me & Beck had moved there! Their wedding was my first in Melbourne as a local. They were married at the beautiful Melbourne Parish Church before making the short drive out of the village to the Melbourne View Hotel for the wedding breakfast and reception.

Close up of bride and groom's front door
Pair of groomsmen laughing in the bathroom fixing their ties
Groom having a moment alone at home before the wedding
Groom stood in front of a mirror fixing his button hole
Groomsmen helping out with button hole
Groom and groomsmen getting ready to leave the house
Groom and groomsmen walking to the church
Walking to the church in Melbourne Derbyshire
Groom having a drink in the pub before the ceremony
Groom laughing with guests at the pub
Bridesmaids waiting outside the church for the bride
Guests gathering outside the church
Groom with a big smile at the altar
Bride smiling through the car window
Bride and her father arrive at the church
Father of the bride with his arm around his daughter
Bride about to walk down the aisle
Groom looking over his shoulder down the aisle
Member of the choir looking at the bride
Wide angle shot of the interior of Melbourne church during the ceremony
Laughter as the bride struggles with the groom's ring
Bride smiling at her husband as witness signs the register
Just married couple stand in front of their guests
Walking down the aisle together at Melbourne Church in Derbyshire
Groom hugging his friend after the ceremony
Guest shakes hands with groom after the ceremony
Throwing confetti outside Melbourne church in Derbyshire
Bride and groom champagne toast
Groomsmen pouring champagne for guests
Groom's hand on his wife's dress
Groom's mum doing the hoovering
Relaxed wedding portrait at Melbourne Pool in Derbyshire
Melbourne View Hotel Wedding in Derbyshire
Guests arriving at the venue looking at the drinks
Harpist playing next to the wedding cake
Smiling guest is relaxing with friends
Bride and groom arrive at reception under umbrella
Newlyweds are announced into their wedding breakfast
Bride wipes her eyes during her dad's speech
Smiling groom giving his speech
Happy bride looking lovingly at her husband
Laughter during the best man's speech
Father of the bride holding back tears
A champagne glass raised in toast
A guest on the bouncy castle with his child
A couple of wedding guests checking their phones
Rim light around the bride and groom at night
Groom's grandma saying goodbye to friends
Pair of male wedding guests smiling and laughing
Shocked faces as the couple cut the cake
Little boy playing with a grown up
Bride greeting her friends at the evening reception
Romantic moment during the first dance
Couple smiling as they have their first dance
Bride's smile is highlighted during the first dance
Fun times on the dance floor

What Next?

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Groom Prep in Melbourne, Derbyshire

The day started off at their house in Melbourne, where I met Dan and his groomsmen. After a few minutes knocking at the door and a couple of missed phone calls, I managed to get one of them to let me in. The mood was calm, yet there were plenty of laughs and jokes, too. Just how the morning of a wedding should be. In further keeping with tradition, once everyone was ready, we walked the few minutes down the road to the pub (which is conveniently across the road from the church) for a few pre-wedding drinks. (Despite many offers, I stuck to the soft drinks. Got to keep your wits about you for this wedding photography!)

A Beautiful Parish Church Wedding Ceremony

The parish church in Melbourne (St Michael with Mary) is a fantastic looking church, with a mysterious history to go with it. There are a number of theories as to why this “mini cathedral” was built in such a small town. But those are for another blog post. On another website, probably. Anyway, despite walking past the church on countless occasions since we moved to Melbourne, I’d never been inside it until Alex & Dan’s wedding day. It’s true. It IS like a mini cathedral! And it even has a creepy, narrow, stone staircase to get you up to the viewing gallery.

After the ceremony the wedding moved to the gardens of the vicarage  next to the church. With spectacular views over Melbourne Pool it was a great location for champagne. That is, until it started raining. Which literally put a dampener on things. But we British know how to take a rainy day in our stride. Out came the brollies, and we made our way to the Melbourne View Hotel.

A harpist played as the guests arrived at the venue. Sadly, the bouncy castle outside was out of use due to the wet weather. (It did get some use later in the evening though, so it wasn’t all bad!)

If you’re interested in Alex’s wedding dress and flowers, her suppliers websites are listed below:

Dress: Brides of Chester
Flowers: Selena’s Contemporary Flowers