Sunil & Gareth’s Wedding

Beautiful Micro-Wedding at Stancliffe Hall in Derbyshire

Back when weddings were limited to 15 people, Sunil & Gareth chose to keep their original wedding date, but to have a smaller, more intimate celebration than they’d originally planned. (Don’t worry…they had a big party last year to make up for it!) Choosing the stunning Stancliffe Hall (sadly no longer a wedding venue) for their ceremony, they tied the knot in front of their immediate family.

Weddings have always been associated with a big celebration with everyone you know, but the last few years have forced couples to adjust their plans, and micro-weddings have become more popular. Even now that the restrictions have been lifted, people are still opting for smaller weddings, and I have to say…I’m a big fan! Sunil & Gareth’s wedding day was a wonderfully intimate affair. It had all of the love and laughter, but everyone had plenty of time to just hang out and talk and catch up and celebrate together.

They rounded off the day by heading to nearby Landal Darwin Forest, where everyone checked into their cabins, before heading down to the restaurant for a few speeches and their wedding meal. A perfect end to a perfect day!