Betley Village Wedding

betley village hall wedding

A Lovely Local Wedding in the Cheshire Village of Betley

Becky & Ade love living in the charming Cheshire village of Betley. So much so that they decided to keep their wedding day entirely within the village. (Whether being able to walk home from the venue at the end of the day was a factor, I couldn’t possibly say!) Whilst Ade and his groomsmen were having a quiet start to the day at their home with a few glasses of whisky, Becky and the her bridesmaids were just down the road at Betley Court Farm Cottages. A great place for them to have a calm start to the day, and also perfect for Becky’s childhood horse to pay her a visit and escort her to the church.

The whole vibe of the day was one of laid-back good fun and family. With healthy side-helpings of pizza, crazy dancing, and maybe a glass or two of ale. They loved the idea of having the reception at their local village hall, and being able to completely make it their own, and they did a cracking job of that. It was perfect for their big day, and it showed in all the smiles and raucous laughter.