My Favourite Moments of 2016

I’ve created this video with the soundtrack in mind, so turn up your speakers to get the best experience.

Well that’s it. There’s officially no more Christmas chocolate left in the house. Which can only mean one thing.  It’s time for a look back at some of my favourite wedding photography moments of 2016.

From the vaults of the RSA in Central London to a hilltop in the middle of the Peak District, my 2016 weddings took me all over the country. Once again, my couples showed their individuality and originality by having all manner of cool stuff such as: rowing to their wedding reception, a massive wall of doughnuts,  sports day games for their guests, a flat cap surprise, singing waiters, boat rides, fireworks, tree planting and all kinds of other wonderfulness.

Thanks to all of you for filling the year with so much fun and love and laughter. And doughnuts.

2017…you’ve got some big shoes to fill!