Melbourne Wedding in Derbyshire

melbourne derbyshire village wedding

A Village Wedding in Melbourne, Derbyshire

Mary and Chris were married in Mary’s home town of Melbourne in Derbyshire. Mary’s parents still live in the town and the gardens of their home was to play venue for the preparation and the wedding reception.

My day started at Mary’s childhood home, which is a lovely house that her father built in an old quarry. Whilst not sneaking away to take peaks at the ducklings (see photo below) I was photographing Mary, her family and her bridesmaids getting ready to leave for the church.

I jumped in one of the cars leaving the house, and grabbed a lift down the road to the church, and it looked like everyone in Melbourne had turned out to line the street outside the church to catch a glimpse of Mary and Chris. This is the first time this has happened at one of my weddings, and the feeling of community was something really special! It must have been so great for them both to have the support of their friends and neighbours, even the ones that they may not even know directly.

As Mary and Chris left the church, they were showered with a couple of confetti cannons to begin with, and as they made their way down to the street, a steady stream of confetti from the guests and the locals. As I made my way to my car and looked back up the street, it looked more like a carnival than a wedding, with the street full of people and confetti blowing through the trees.

Back at the house, the guests were arriving, and after taking a drink, exploring the rather impressive marquee that was to house the wedding breakfast and reception. As they found their seats, they were treated to some entertainment in the form of a local magician. Although his tricks were good, it was his jokes that really got everyone laughing.

As the night wore on, the dance floor became increasingly busy, with a great light show put on by the DJ. After an hour or so, it was interrupted as the grand finale began. A fantastic fireworks display that must have lasted close to 30 minutes, and I was told was seen and heard for miles around!

ducklings at a wedding
bride with her bridesmaids
bride and bridesmaids at her parents house
villagers line the street as the couple leave the church
bride and groom surprised as they leave the church
bride and groom countryside wedding
mother of the bride feeding ducks
sharing a joke during a wedding
elderly lady drinking wine at a wedding
man in bowler hat at a wedding
wedding magician making guests laugh
bride hugging a young wedding guest
groomsman dancing with ladies wedding reception
fireworks at night wedding reception