Winter Wedding at Peak Edge Hotel

winter wedding at peak edge hotel

A Cold but Sunny Winter Wedding at the Peak Edge Hotel

At the end of October last year, Eileen and Alec had a lovely intimate winter wedding at the Peak Edge Hotel in Derbyshire. Nestled on the edge of the Peak District (the clue’s in the name!), it has some wonderful views, and is one of my favourite local venues to travel to. It also means it’s quite well known for being a little exposed, and today was no exception. A beautiful, bright, sunny winter’s day…but oooh, that chilly wind catches you by surprise!

Right from the start, Eileen and Alec were clear that they didn’t want their wedding day to be about endless group photos and portraits. What was important to them were natural photographs that honestly told the story of their wedding day.

One thing they mentioned to me before the day was that there were going to be lots of children at the wedding. And as any wedding photographer will tell you, kids at weddings is always a good thing, so when you have 20+ it’s great news from my perspective. Never a dull moment! And some wonderful memories for those kids to look back on when they grow up.

Doing things their own way, they had speeches, but no first dance, or evening reception. Just a lovely meal, some speeches, and plenty of popcorn! It’s something I always remind people of; it’s their wedding and having things that make sense to them, is way more important than doing things because it’s “just what you do”. Just be you!