Papplewick Pumping Station Wedding

papplewick pumping station wedding

Relaxed Summer Wedding at Papplewick Pumping Station

I met Sarah and Andy back at the start of 2017, and when we met and they told me about their Papplewick Pumping Station wedding plans, I knew that it was going to be a bit special. That, and they were both lovely, and funny, and a bit bonkers. A recipe for a good wedding if ever I heard one. Because it’s the people that make the wedding special. It’s Sarah, and Andy, and their families, and friends. That’s what makes each wedding so unique!

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I pulled up to their house on the morning of the wedding to see their beloved old Mini gleaming in the sunshine, all ready for it’s wedding car duties. Andy’s a bit of a nut for old cars, and having the mini play a part was really important to them both.

Sarah was having a whale of time with her mum & dad and bridesmaids. Plenty of smiles, excitement, and sunflowers! Wedding days are exciting enough, but when you’re blessed with weather like this, it just makes the whole thing that little bit more fun.

Over at the Pumping Station, Andy was busy greeting their guests as they arrived off the coach. It was great to see everyone enjoying this unusual wedding venue, and taking in the beautiful grounds. And their faces lit up as they saw Sarah arriving in their little old Mini!

After a really moving, and special wedding ceremony on the steps of the pump house, they whizzed round the corner in the Mini ready to mingle with their guests in the shade of one of the many huge trees on the site. Sarah’s brother put on an incredible performance by singing a few songs as people chatted.

surprise first dance

I knew about their surprise first dance a few weeks before the wedding, and was sworn to secrecy, as nobody else knew other than those involved. And as their first dance started, and the guests jaws dropped, I knew that their secret had been kept safe! It started off as a choreographed first dance with just Sarah and Andy, which would’ve been good enough on it’s own. (Actually, Andy’s freestyle moves would’ve been good enough on their own!) but when a selected group of guests made their way to the dance floor and joined in, the room erupted! This is definitely up there as one of the best first dances I’ve seen!

As pulses settled down, people found their way to the donut wall, the little coffee truck outside, enjoyed the buffet, and also tried to see exactly how many people you could fit in the old Mini. As you do. (8, in case you were wondering.)

supporting cast

Makeup by Sophie Howick
Flowers by Floral Dreams
Cake by DoughNotts
Catering by Keyworth Village Cafe
Music by The Jack Starr Band