Derby Silk Mill Wedding

derby silk mill wedding photographer

A Unique Wedding at Derby Silk Mill

When Katie and Iain asked me to Silk Mill wedding photographer in Derby, I jumped at the chance. Over the years I’ve photographed all sorts of gigs and events at The Silk Mill, but never a wedding, so this would be a brilliant first! The inside of the venue is such a wonderful old industrial space, with lovely old brick and metalwork. It’s what attracted these guys to the venue. Something different. Something not run of the…mill. (Sorry.)

sleeping cat on wedding morningeating pringles before weddinggirls eating breakfast before weddingbridesmaid pouring champagnebride getting ready at homebride hugging young bridesmaidsgetting a sticker off sole of shoeflower girls looking in the mirrorfather of the bride smiling

What Next?

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Bridal Prep

The day started off at Katie’s parent’s house in Derbyshire where the first thing I noticed was the sleeping ginger cat on the sofa. So obviously I spent a few minutes fussing him and taking photos. The house had such a lovely feel, all excitement and happiness, and with all the flower girls there, their laughter was never far away. Katie seemed calm and collected, with barely a whiff of nerves. Just that huge smile.

Wedding Ceremony at St Chad’s in Church Wilne

The weather was chilly, but dry and sunny, which was great for all the late Autumn colours around the church as Iain greeted guests. November isn’t usually one of the most popular months for weddings, but in this country, the weather does what it wants, when it wants. So if you’re thinking of November…go for it. You might get lucky like these guys. It wasn’t long before Katie arrived, and minutes later a car-load of late guests barrelled past her on the church path. After a beautiful ceremony, followed by enthusiastic confetti throwing, we all made our way to the Silk Mill.

Wedding Breakfast Curry at the Silk Mill

Right from the start these guys told me that they were going to have curry for their wedding breakfast. Another first for me. And who doesn’t love curry, right! There’s only so many wedding meals you can have before you start craving something different, so the curry buffet they’d arranged was a huge hit with the guests. And yours truly! And to work off all the curry, they’d set up a beer pong table. Which, I can tell you, got pretty heated later that evening. The ‘Girls vs Boys’ game was brutal!

The Silk Mill was decorated with hundreds of fairy lights along the metalwork on the ceiling, and it looked absolutely fantastic with everyone sat down under all the lights for the speeches. Such a great backdrop. And such great speeches. So many funny stories, and so many smiling, laughing faces in the crowd. And before you knew it, it was the first dance and dancing, and the floor in front of the DJ was soon filled with conga lines and kids and grandmas and it was bloody ace! I put it down to everyone having bellies full of spicy curry!

Here are some of the great wedding folks who helped make this day so special.

Wedding dress by Rosa Clara
Hair by Laura Hallam Professional Hair
Makeup by Ruth Elizabeth
Suit by Duncan James Menswear
Flowers sourced from Phoenix Flowers
Catering by Surti Swad
DJ The Best Men

Where Next?

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